23 Jun 2010

"Culinary precisions" and/or "Kitchen stories" at science education conference

Last week, I attended the IOSTE XIV symposium. The topic of my presentation was a follow-up of three previous blogposts on culinary precisions: a framework on teaching "nature of science" (argumentation and inquiry) using culinary precisions.

The biannual conference was hosted by IOSTE, the International Organization for Science and Technology Education. It involved more than 200 participants from 47(?) countries from all continents, located in the beautiful Slovene town of Bled. A true pearl.

A year ago I wrote three posts on these matters, and these are the background for an exciting new collaboration with researchers from Finland (links below). The posts were:

The paper is, more or less, a formalised, revised, and enhanced (quality-wise) version of the second and third posts given above. I guess the proceedings from the conference will be out in not too long, and there the paper should be available for interested readers (or let me know, and I'll send it).

One change that is suggested is the use of the name "Kitchen stories" when dealing with culinary precisions in educational settings. I haven't bee able to find the word "precisions" in English dictionaries in the sense used in molecular gastronomy. Might this be a matter of discussion in the molecular gastronomy community, maybe?

Anyway, I think there is great potential for development and educational research in these matters, and look forward to digging further into this. There is an unexplored world in there and this perspective to science- and food education resonates very well with the notions within the educational research society of what direction we should be heading when developing teaching and education.

Scientific refs: see references in the mentioned blog posts and in the paper
Maija Aksela: amongst other things, international school science camp/project MyScience and leader of the national LUMA centre

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