28 Jun 2010

Molecular gastronomy through the eyes of cultural studies

It is fascinating when someone else analyses the things you're interested or involved in from a different perspective. Recently, a paper emerged in European Journal of Cultural Studies called "Liquid nitrogen pistachios: Molecular gastronomy, elBulli and foodies".

The paper gives a short historical description of molecular gastronomy and goes on to describe MG as a phenomenon from three different perspectives.

The paper by PhD candidate Isabelle de Solier from Melbourne is both interesting and fascinating reading, laying out and clarifying the apparent motives and methods of the three subjects. She has also previously published on on food TV, social phenomena and lifestyle concerning food. I'll surely have a look at some of her other writings.

One critical remark might be that the paper misses out on the discussion/debate/dispute about the use, meaning(s) and connotations of the term molecular gastronomy, such as the Adría/Blumenthal/Keller/McGee "Statement on the 'new cookery'" and Harold McGee's historical account of MG.

I won't give further descriptions of the contents, but recommend Anu Hopia's description and discussion of this paper in her Finnish Molekyyligastronomia-blogi (translated). Thanks, Anu, for the tip :) Unfortunaltely, I haven't found any free access versions of the paper, ...yet.

de Solier, I. (2010). Liquid nitrogen pistachios: Molecular gastronomy, elBulli and foodies. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 13(2), 155-170.

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