30 May 2005

Book: The Science of Chocolate

I finished the book "The Science of Chocolate" yesterday night:

In my opinion, the book is ok for people with a certain scientific overview, but a little heavy on the industrial side to be very relevant to everyday molecular gastronomers (see future postings for definition). The experiments part in the last chapter is fascinating, but should have been elaborated further (experiments are described, but the expected outcome is up to the experimenter himself to find out). "Ideal for those studying food science" (from the synopsis) is probably correct, rather than for the science school teacher who wants to play around with food in the classroom (although some of the experiments probably are relevant and usable).


Post comment march 2009: The book has now come in a second, revised edition.

29 May 2005


Hensikten med å opprette denne bloggen er at jeg skal kunne poste og reflektere over (natur-)vitenskap, mat, utdanning, musikk og helst det som ligger i skjæringspunktet at minst tre av disse på samme tid. Skal jeg skrive på engelsk eller norsk? Begge deler? Jeg vet ikke. Vi får se

The point of starting this blog is for me to be able to post and ponder on (natural) science, food, education, music and preferable what is a combination of at least three of these at one time. Should I write in Norwegian or English? Both maybe? I don't know. Time will show.