25 Sept 2006

New curriculum in Norwegian schools (Kunnskapsløftet): Food in science and science in food

(See the posting from 20. June for the discussion on this).

Since June the curriculum (goes also by the name/abbreviations "Kunnskapsløftet", LK06, L06 or R06) has been revised. Now, the final version (at least for primary school) is published (http://www.utdanningsdirektoratet.no/lk06 http://www.udir.no/Lareplaner/Grep). Therefore I've redone the informal food-in-science and science-in-food analyses:

- Food in science - 58 out of 140 subjects may be treated with food as a starting point
Science in home economics - 18 out of 40 subjects may be treated with science as a starting point

This analysis is, of course, a consequence of my personal views of the two subjects. Hence, there may be connections I haven't seen. Also, some of the connections I've made may be far fetched in other's eyes.

Best wishes