9 May 2010

Foolproof chocolate Chantilly, part 2:3. Earl Grey milk chocolate mousse with coffee/cocoa nibs

Numerous blogs, web sites and newspaper articles have picked up variations of the "molecular gastronomic recipe" for making chocolate mousse with only chocolate and water first presented by Hervé This. However, most these recipes tell you to try-and fail. I have for some time felt that there is a need for making this recipe foolproof. And on top of it all, it's quite straightforward to make as long as you're precise with the measurements.

This post is the second out of three on chocolate mousses: white-, milk- and dark chocolate. Part 1 was white chocolate mousse w/ginger. I've chosen to give recipes for mousses with added flavours rather than the pure ones. Hence, the recipe might not work out properly if other ingredients, or pure water, is used as liquid.

The main reason for doing these experiments is that most of the recipes on the "molecular gastronomic mousses" tell you to try and fail until you're satisfied. That's ok if you are to serve the mousse right away. However, the mousse will firm up upon storage, starting after 1-2 hours I want a recipe I can trust even when the mousse is kept in the fridge, not having to make it or, even worse, repair it while the guests are waiting.

Video shows texture of mousse after one night in the fridge made according
to recipe below. Also some microscope pictures of the same mousse

4 portions