23 Mar 2006

New teacher's resource: egg white foam

New teacher's resource (Norwegian only) published on Norwegian Centre for Science in Education pages www.naturfag.no:

Å fange luft med egg - Om trollkrem, skum og proteiner
("Catching Air With Eggs - Concerning Troll's Cream, Foam and Proteins")

How much foam can you get from one egg white? Why is it so difficult to get good whipped egg white foam if a small amount of grease, soap or egg yolk is present? Playing with tasts on troll's cream (troll's cream is a traditional Norwegian dessert made of egg whites whipped with sugar and lingonberries - a light and tasteful foam).


Inspiration: Pierre Gagnaire and Hervé This (Wind Crystals)

Addition 6. Feb 2007: Gagnaire's pages are now in French only, see
Cristaux de vent.

Addition 2. Jul 2011: Finnish LUMA centre has posted Troll cream on it's experiment pages.