23 Mar 2006

New teacher's resource: egg white foam

New teacher's resource (Norwegian only) published on Norwegian Centre for Science in Education pages www.naturfag.no:

Å fange luft med egg - Om trollkrem, skum og proteiner
("Catching Air With Eggs - Concerning Troll's Cream, Foam and Proteins")

How much foam can you get from one egg white? Why is it so difficult to get good whipped egg white foam if a small amount of grease, soap or egg yolk is present? Playing with tasts on troll's cream (troll's cream is a traditional Norwegian dessert made of egg whites whipped with sugar and lingonberries - a light and tasteful foam).


Inspiration: Pierre Gagnaire and Hervé This (Wind Crystals)

Addition 6. Feb 2007: Gagnaire's pages are now in French only, see
Cristaux de vent.

Addition 2. Jul 2011: Finnish LUMA centre has posted Troll cream on it's experiment pages.


  1. I just published a recipe for trollcream at LUMA-centres Jippo webzine.

    Hope you have a nice summer!

    Greeting, Linnea Töyrylä
    (from the molecular gastronomy project)

  2. Thanks, Linnea. Let me know if you have any experiences with this. Both good experience, but also if you meet problems/challenges.


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