21 Dec 2009

December issue of school science magazine on food

The last issue of the Norwegian science education magazine "Naturfag" (equivalent to "School science") has several articles on food previously posted here on fooducation. The magazine is in Norwegian and free for download.

Issue 2/2009 with mostly Christmas- and winter related content includes the following articles based on fooducation posts. Most of them are updated/revised versions and are also found as updated versions on the Norwegian Centre for Science Education "gastronomic school science" web pages www.naturfag.no/mat (Google translation here):

  1. "Christmas dinner trimmings - a hot potato?" (part 1 and part 2) and "Green vegetables and chlorophyll revisited" combined

  2. "Deciphering an old preserves recipe"

  3. The effect of added sugar, salt and high temperature on microorganisms/yeast. This is not previously published on fooducation, but a time lapse video with captions in Norwegian can be seen on YouTube. It is self-explanatory, i guess. The purpose is to show an easy to set up experiment for testing conditions under which microorganisms thrive or die. Relevance is to baking (you want to promote the yeast) and preservation (you want to suppress or kill microorganisms)

  4. "Leavens in cookies - theory and practice"

The latter also made it into the news section of "Nysgjerrigper", a science knowledge project from the Norwegian Research Council.

Of course there are several other interesting topics in the issue as well, such as "Gingerbread house architecture" "Catch sight of and predict the northern light" and more.

Merry Christmas