8 Dec 2008

The food timeline

A visit by The Food Geek made me aware of this treasure of a web site. The food timeline gives a comprehensive overview on the history of various foods and dishes. When teaching food topics, historic facts (or myths) are often excellent starting points. The problem is that such information isn't really very easy to get to. Here, loads of fascinating information is organised in a straightforward and highly effective way.

The site is far more than a timeline with information on foods and dishes, though:
  • historic cookbooks
  • economics & historic prices
  • Christmas food
  • meal times
  • references to various literature
  • free e-mail answer service promising answer withing 24 hours! (I haven't tested it yet, however)
  • tips and strategies in searching for historic information on food

Finally, citing the pages: "Information is checked against standard reference tools for accuracy". Also their book shelf is quite impressive.

Highly recommended

Late addition: I submitted a question (on hartshorn) and received an answer less than two days later. Not bad at all, taken that the service is free and done by a professional

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