4 Feb 2007

Do we need to know about dispersions: addition

Slightly embarrassing, I forgot to include Hervé This' work on dispersions.

Hervé This has done some beautiful systematic work on dispersions which he has termed "Modelling dishes". He has several publications on this, but one of these is a paper in British Journal of Nutrition: "Modelling dishes and exploring culinary ‘precisions’: the two issues of molecular gastronomy". It's (at the moment, at least) free for download through IngentaConnect.

Although probably not suitable for the everyday school teacher (but who knows), this is great stuff for those with a more-than-average interest in science vs cooking.


Post addition, February '09: the Swedish book "Den tekniske kocken" (The Technological Chef") uses in a very consistent manner the different dispersion terms, and show graphically what sorts of dispersions are important in various foods and dishes (although the book recieved a harsh review, "worst cookbook of the year", in Matälskaren).

Reference: This, H., Brit. J. Nutr. 2005, 93, S139.

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