1 Jun 2005

Molecular gastronomy/molekylær gastronomi

Molecular gastronomy (Norwegian: molekylær gastronomi). What is this constellation? I believe that the term, as language in general, is in constant development. However, there are a few other words that together could clarify. In my opinion molecular gastronomy contains all the following terms at one time: food, cooking, (natural) science, gastronomy, kitchen chemistry, pleasure, curiosity, and maybe social sciences as well?

One point is that this is not primarily the science of industrial food production, which would be food science, but what happens in the home- or restaurant kitchen from a scientific point of view. How can science contribute to cooking and perception while eating so that cooking develops in new directions (or develops further in an already set direction)? Googling around for the term led me to the wonderful term 'the science of deliciousness’. This link will also lead you to more information and people directly involved in the field.

What fascinates me about this is that it brings together people from different disciplines and different cultures. I'm certain that I as a chemist could contribute to cooking, but I firmly believe that cookery can contribute to my practice as chemist (and not the least, chemistry teacher - more about this at a later point).


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